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18 sessions
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This program invites you to take back control of your time with benevolence and confidence, and to be more efficient by living in the present moment! A range of tools will enable you to gradually establish a different relationship with time – one that's calm, lucid, benevolent, and kinder on yourself. A relationship with time that enables you to refocus on your core priorities and stop putting other peoples' needs before your own equally legitimate requirements, without feeling unnecessary and often excessive guilt. A relationship with time that permits you to be accepting; accepting that you don't have to do everything and that you can say no, while simultaneously observing any beliefs, attachments, or dependences you may have in relation to time. And finally, a relationship with time that enables you to rediscover and reconnect with your deepest self and your natural creativity, both of which are stifled by too many days lived as if sleepwalking.

Understanding your relationship with time
Identify your beliefs about time
Recognising and overcoming your addiction to action
Taking responsibility for your time
Giving meaning and value to your time
Slowing down and speeding up
Developing an intuitive approach to time
Becoming conscious of your own tempo
Approaching your day differently
Adopting a realistic approach to time management
Defining your priorities for the day
Deciding between two priorities
Protecting your time
Coming to terms with distractions
Concentrating on one thing at a time
Giving myself micro breaks throughout my day
Freeing up time for meditation practice
Giving yourself permission to take time for yourself
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