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12 sessions
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Designed by Marie Verguet, a coach and trainer in public speaking and verbal communication, this program invites you to approach public speaking (of any type: before a large audience, or in exchanges with family or friends) in a new light, by cultivating presence, confidence, and authenticity through meditation. Together we will explore your thoughts, your breathing, your voice, the strength of your intention, benevolence and gratitude, and your identity as a speaker. We will also discover proven practices to help you prepare for speaking and to fill your speech with words that are your very own.

The little internal voice
Mindfulness and breathing
My deepest intentions – my style as a speaker
Preparing to speak: AGM
Sounds to anchor me
Rooting myself in the soil and the earth
The key to presence: the HULC
Giving myself confidence
Five minutes to prepare myself to speak
After speaking – Gratitude!
Being in the conversation
Shared humanity
Mindful speaking castegory

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