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This program dedicated to sleep is for anyone who has a little – or a lot – of difficulty in sleeping. Sleeping well doesn’t mean struggling to fall asleep then setting off to hunt sleep down. It’s about dealing with the sleep that presents itself to you and taming it, so it remains with you during the night. This program teaches a benevolent approach you can practice every day, to encourage sleep to appear and to stay with you. The program explores a number of exercises to practice at different times of the day.

The airlock (seated)
SIM card (seated)
Welcoming the evening
Sleep “sound” 1
Sleep “sound” 2
Sleep “sound” 3
Slip away to your bed for an Indian sleep
Settle down for a Chinese sleep
In a canoe, drifting
As if you were on the beach
In my hammock
Presence to falling asleep
If you wake in the night
Waking meditation
Peaceful sleep castegory

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