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Sleep is so important for your health, well-being, relationships with others... This program was designed by Virginie Bertin and consists of 10 sessions of 12 to 17 minutes each; some can be done during the day (sitting at home, in the office, on the train or plane...), others in the evening, and even some in the middle of the night. In all cases, there's no need to be permanently connected (and therefore tempted or disturbed): by pre-loading these sessions, you can listen to them in airplane mode. These sophrology sessions are not miracle pills; it's often said that "the harder you want to sleep, the less you sleep"; their aim is to support and help you to do your best.

A pause of kindness
Your safe place
When activities and pauses coexist
Inhabiting your body
Awareness of the body and the breath
The siesta
The rhythm of the seasons
Evening ritual
The boat carries your worries away
An ideal night’s sleep
Sleep and Sophrology castegory

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