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Meditating makes it possible to identify, without being judgmental, the obstacles that everyone tends to apply over what is, which can block the path to happiness: self-sabotage, troubling emotions, mental ruts… This program proposes paths for letting go as well as paths for reflection on the need for control, the past, stress caused by others, feelings of loneliness, the tendency to compare themselves to others, fear, childhood, disengagement and ego.

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Letting go of the need for control
Letting go of your daily problems
Is letting go THE magic bullet?
Letting go of the past
Letting go of the stress caused by others
Letting go of feelings of loneliness
Letting go of the tendency to compare ourselves with other people
Letting go and relationships
Letting go and fear
Letting go and flexibility
Letting go and childhood
Letting go and disengaging
Letting go and ego
Letting go at all levels!
Letting go is contagious
Letting go castegory

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