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Disputes, disagreements and conflicts sometimes leave behind the marks of bitterness and resentment. Becoming aware of the pain linked to the past is what attracts us to forgiveness, which perhaps one day will suddenly erase these marks. But while the path to forgiveness is liberating, it’s also often long and difficult. This program is intended to help you revisit your past with a number of different approaches to help you: - ask forgiveness for something you’ve done; - forgive yourself; or - forgive someone else. Each approach is an invitation to discover new ways of being, to reduce the influence of negative emotions and perhaps to liberate yourself from the weight of the past. Caution: to move towards forgiveness, it’s important you feel safe and that you have taken the necessary measures to ensure that your integrity, your dignity, your rights and limits are respected. This series of meditations is not intended to heal or repair traumas resulting from intense or repeated physical or emotional abuse. If you have been the victim of such abuse, you will require professional support.

The marks of offence
Asking forgiveness
The marks of betrayal
Forgiving yourself
The injuries you have received
Decide to forgive yourself
Offering forgiveness
And afterwards
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