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10 sessions
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This 10-session meditation program is exclusive to Petit BamBou users. It’s aimed at anyone wishing to develop their sexuality, or who is worried about their sexual well-being, regardless of gender, age, and current, past or future sexual life. These meditation sessions will allow you to begin working on the following aspects: awakening your senses, the place of pleasure, sensuality, individual or shared intimate relations, letting go, sexual desire and the power of the benevolent touch. Welcome to your own invaluable program to create renewed intimacy – an intimacy aligned with what you truly desire.

The breath in sexuality
Relaxing and awakening the senses
Enjoying bodily sensations
The power of touch
The place of pleasure
Exploring your sexual desire
Stress and sexuality
Practicing self-love
A sexuality with meaning
Communicating your sexuality
Sexuality and mindfulness castegory

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