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This program has been imagined, created and recorded with joy and good humour. Its 8 sessions are intended for children from 4 to 11 years of age, to listen to at home or in school, individually or as a group, with or without adult accompaniment (perhaps after one or two sessions together). The sessions are short games of listening or imitation, with sounds, audio environments, music and also... silence. You will hear these audio extracts follow on from each other, with a period for questioning and mindful breathing in between. Why play these games? Because many scientific studies have demonstrated the benefits of using music on our brains, our moods and our capacity for learning. It also enables us to reinforce our capacity for attention. Shall we begin?

Counting the instruments
Counting the words
Identify a signal (standing, moving or dancing)
Imitating rhythms
Listening to the environment at home
Listening to the environment at school
Listening to outdoor environments
Explore the silence
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