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This program is dedicated to all sportspeople, whatever their ability or sport. It’s intended to give you the tools to prepare mentally for your sport to improve your concentration and performance, but also to help you find greater relaxation and pleasure in doing it, and to cultivate your own equilibrium. It’s based on mindfulness and visualization exercises, which will help you to find your own focus, better channel your stress, and develop your self-confidence. It consists of 25 meditations to do while you’re resting, between sport sessions.

The lucidity phase
Thoughts during a training session
The dog and the wave
My sporting motivations
The ego and the task
Awareness of the terrain
My equipment
The image in the mirror
Benevolent towards yourself
Benevolent towards your body
Bouncing back from failure
The boat
Getting to sleep
Pre-competition stress
The power of the mountain
My performance
The keywords
Like an animal
The dive
Competition stress
In your bubble
Mind and sports castegory

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