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Meditating on public transport

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Meditating means cultivating a state of calm and serenity, but it is also not to abandon one's life. Public transportation (train, subway, bus, plane), as a break in your daily routine, is an interesting place to practice certain meditative exercises. These sessions will help you to meditate in this sometimes difficult context. A little advice: take a good pair of headphones (ideally noise-cancelling) so that you don't have to turn the sound up too loud. Also, accept that you may not hear the guidance as well as if you were at home: the most important thing is your meditation, not the words. Most of these sessions are done standing, but they can also be done sitting.

Constantly readjusting (standing)
What you're carrying (standing)
I think therefore I am not (seated or standing)
As if for the first time (seated or standing)
Coming into contact... with what is (standing or seated)
On the way or on the platform (standing)
One thing at a time (seated or standing)
The tree (seated or standing)
Returning to my neutral point (seated or standing)
What's going well in your body
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