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Mindfulness meditation takes root quickly in a school or educational environment, and teaches children to know themselves and to progress towards greater calmness and serenity. It's important to achieve a balance between the consistency of the educational approach and the strong temptation to transform the experience into a pleasant story time, which risks losing sight of the principles of mindfulness meditation. This new experimental program, with a preface by Jeanne Siaud-Facchin, for children from 5 to 12 years, helps establish the foundations of a meditation practice.

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Welcome yourself
Everyone's a hero
The starfish
The cat
Hot chocolate
A security blanket on your tummy
Hello everyone
The slow walk of the tortoise
The treasure chest
The rainbow
The relaxing shower
The magic shell
The bee
The butterfly
Magnetized hands
Blossom breath
The lift
The teacher
The tree
A magic bubble
Rays of kindness
Become an explorer
The mountain
A Martian on Earth
The ladybird
The swirl of sand
Pitching your tent
An astronaut on the Moon
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