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8 sessions

The Discovery program is designed to be a first step on your meditation journey. These 8 sessions will introduce you to the basic principles of mindfulness meditation, or allow you to return to them. Breathing, anchoring, emotions, body sensations, thoughts: these themes and types of practice will be repeated many times in other sessions. This is deliberate, because with repetition and curiosity, you will probably learn to notice changes in yourself, even in areas where you didn’t expect them. Simply experience the program, without any specific objective, and observe. It may not seem like a lot, but it already is!

Program created with
For greater calm and serenity
Doing a body scan to calm your mind
Awaken the curiosity of your senses
Get to know your emotions
Centered and free to let go
Tensions and reactions
The breath as an anchor
Attention, intention, expectations
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